ECOWAS member States’ representatives endorse the draft ECPF 2018-2020 plans of action

Lagos. Subject to further amendments as maybe necessary, participants at the consultative workshop which ended in Lagos, Nigeria on the 26th of April 2018, have adopted the draft 2018-2020 ECOWAS Conflict Prevention Framework (ECPF) Plans of Action (PoA).

After a diligent review of the draft Action Plans proposed for the 15 ECPF Components and the accompanying draft budget proposals prepared to ensure implementation of the Action Plans, participants identified the level of involvement and support required from the ECOWAS Member States to ensure effective implementation of the ECPF PoA and committed to fully support the unhindered implementation of same at the national levels.

During the plenary and group sessions of the Workshop, desirable improvements were made on the working documents in order to make them more responsive to peace-building needs taking into cognizance emerging trends and threats.

The broad recommendations also calls for immediate action to thoroughly revise the draft budget of the PoA while aligning and prioritizing overlapping activities in order to eliminate duplication of efforts.

Also recommended was the working out of concrete measures towards ensuring that the education of children, women and the vulnerable groups does not suffer during conflicts.
Participants recognized the need to put in place provisions to ensure that the newly handed over ECOWAS Radio based in Monrovia, Liberia, partners with the National Radio stations in the propagation of peace building and conflict resolution messages. Included in this regard is the broadcasting of ECOWAS peace culture and peace education programmes across the region.

Prior to the convocation of the consultative meeting in Lagos, sustained efforts had been made by the ECPF Secretariat to coordinate the activities of the Focal Point Directorates in the ECOWAS Commission, Development Partners as well as the Civil Society Organisations.

Related activities in this regard included trust building efforts meant to improve the financial reporting and auditing processes as well as the facilitation of the provision of technical and/or financial support to relevant ministries, departments and agencies in Member States.

The endorsed ECPF PoA are expected to be harmonized with the ECOWAS Community Strategic Framework (CSF).

Participants at the consultative meeting were drawn from the ECOWAS National Offices and experts from ECOWAS Member States as well as Focal Points of the ECOWAS Commission.

The ECPF Secretariat conveyed the sincere gratitude of the ECOWAS Commission to the participants from the ECOWAS Member States for contributing to the finalization and adoption of the draft ECPF Action Plans stating that the Commission is looking forward to the implementing of PoA in conjunction with Member States.

The revised PoA and budget proposals are to be submitted to Member States within 10 days of the conclusion of the consultative meeting for further consideration, concurrence and adoption.

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