Women Peace and Security

Programme 1: Women’s Involvement and Engagement in National and Regional Conflict Management Mechanisms

Outcome: Increased capacity of ECOWAS to provide technical electoral assistance and monitoring of elections that promotes methods to increase the number of women in public decision-making roles, both appointed and elected.


  1. Development of a Gender and Elections Strategy/Manual; trainings for elections monitors on gender and election monitoring; policy dialogue with ECOWAS election team
  2. Engagement of a Resource Person to develop a context-specific mediation training manual for step down training/ publish manual. Support trained women mediators (CSO Women leaders and women from ECOWAS member state Institutions) to conduct step down training on mediation in selected communities currently facing conflicts in West Africa. Setting up of mediation resource centers, Database and infrastructure provision (computers, resources), building national/regional networks on early warning, mediation, strengthening cooperation amongst existing networks (South- South cooperation), study visits/exchanges
  3. Map Existing training programmes and identify quality programmes and establish viable partnerships. Provide pilot fellowships to train West African women to develop better understanding of the African Peace and Security Issues, in order to increase their participation in conflict management process and other areas of security concerns in West Africa
  4. Conduct situation analysis, present findings to states, Development and monitoring of implementation of ‘lite’ country level action plan on WPS

Programme 2: Strengthening Women’s Contribution to Conflict Management and Humanitarian Initiatives in West Africa


Strengthened Evidence Base on Women’s Contribution in Conflict Prevention, Resolution, Peace-building and Humanitarian Initiatives in West Africa.


  1. Conduct a comprehensive study of women and security and their role in ECOWAS peace and security architecture, 2. Conduct mapping of the contribution of women to past and on-going peace and security work in West Africa, 3. Draft ECOWAS report based on Baseline and Mapping Studies, 4. Hold a meeting to review Baseline and Mapping Studies, 5. Publish ECOWAS report on the status of women in peace and security in West Africa, 6. Disseminate report through a Policy Forum and in key ECOWAS and Civil Society events
  2. Put in place a Documentation Centre for consolidating research and statistics on Women, Peace and Security issues
  3. Commission papers on gender quota (types, implementation, outcomes and lessons learned) 2. Advocacy for electoral quota adoption 3. Forum for women leaders, practitioners, activists, political office holders, parliamentarians, party officials etc. held to review commissioned paper on status of implementation of gender quotas and their impact on women’s political representation

Programme 3: Recruitment of required Human Resource Capacity (Three years)


Enhanced capacity of the Gender Directorate in implementing its various programmes.


  1. Two Programme Officers (P3)
  2. Programme Assistant (G5)

Women Peace and Security Total Cost: $4,163,017

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