Youth Empowerment

Programme 1: Youth Empowerment and Orientation on Conflict Prevention

Outcome: Youth mobilized and engaged in positive human capital development activities to prevent conflicts and promote active youth involvement in peace building and prevention of violence in the region


  1. Conduct youth peace education programmes and campaigns through regional workshops and media activities
  2. Organise youth skill acquisition and empowerment training workshops
  3. Review existing policies and programmes on youth employment
  4. Promote the development of SMEs among youth in the region

Programme 2: Availability of data on impact of conflicts and crises on youth development and empowerment


Youth mobilized and given proper orientation on conflict prevention measures through job creation and gainful employment, skills acquisition, peace education and social reintegration programmes


  1. Conduct a baseline survey of the situation of youth in conflict prone areas of the region
  2. Establish a regional database on youth and conflict in the region

Youth Empowerment Total Cost: 1,450,000

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