Practical Disarmament

Programme 1: Effectiveness of SALW Border Control Regimes Increased

Outcome: National Commissions, Civil Societies and Small Arms Unit are effectively performing Tasks associated with ensuring peace and security in member states


  1. Acquire Quality Equipment for Border Surveillance
  2. Capacity building training for border security operatives on Modern Methods of Arms Control
  3. Produce and Disseminate Visitor’s Certificates to be used by border control services
  4. Support joint border control and exchange of information/intelligence
  5. Public Awareness Raising Activities to promote culture of peace
  6. Mainstreaming Peace Education in Schools Curriculums at Secondary and Tertiary levels

Programme 2: National Stockpile Management Systems enhanced.


Exemption Procedures Effectively managed and monitored


  1. Conduct Inventory of the status of the sites
  2. Identify and secure appropriate sites
  3. Acquire Arms Marking equipment to mark weapons in the armed and security services
  4. Proceed with regular destruction of excess and/or obsolete arms and ammunition
  5. Increase the technical knowledge of the relevant personnel through a three level
  6. Provide adequate equipment for the stocking and management of arms
  7. Ensure coordination of stockpile management activities
  8. Establish a functional regional network of experts
  9. Establish and implement norms and standards in stockpile management

Programme 3: Transparency in Arms Management and Administration


Sub regional register of SALW created and effectively managed


  1. Develop and manage a regional Register and Database on SALW
  2. Develop and manage an Arms Register for Peace Support Operations
  3. Establish (or review) a National SALW Register in the 15 Member States

Democracy and Political Governance Total Cost: $3,345,000

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