Programme 1: Popularization of ECOWAS Experiences in Peace and Security

Outcome: Enhanced knowledge of ECOWAS Peace and Security activities by Community citizens


  1. Publication of a Book on ECOWAS Experience in Peace and Security in West Africa
  2. Publishing the Report of the 2010 Conference ‘Two Decades of Peace Processes in West Africa: Achievement, Failures, Lessons’.

Programme 2: Enhanced Capacity of the Media to Contribute to Conflict Prevention in West Africa


Reduction in hate media practices in West Africa


  1. Consultancy to Finalise the Code of Conduct for Media Practitioners on Hate Media Practices
  2. Media Workshop on the Culture of Peace (2 Annually)
  3. Meeting of ECOWAS Media Practitioners to Adopt and Fashion out Implementation Strategy for the Code of Conduct

Programme 3: Capacity Building for Media Practitioners on ECOWAS Peace and Security Activities


Effective and positive media coverage of peace and security activities of ECOWAS and its Member States


  1. Seminar for Journalists Covering Regional Integration, Governance, Peace and Security Beats in select media institutions

Media Total Cost: $1,620,000

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