Early Warning

Programme 1: Capacity building

Outcome: Skills, data processing tools and baseline data of the Early Warning Directorate (EWD) increased


  1. EWD Staff Training
  2. Data Sourcing for EWD GIS Unit
  3. Establishment of national early Warning and response Mechanisms

Programme 2: Integrated Early Warning Development


Effectiveness of working procedures with external and internal stakeholders in conflict prevention/management enhanced


  1. AU Continental Early Warning System
  2. Peace Exchange Forum Development
  3. Regional media sensitization
  4. Department, Units and Civil Society integration
  5. Country field missions for analysts

Early Warning Total Cost: $1,929,131


1 - Intranet
Activities Objectives
Time Frame
Development Partner Technical/Financial Support Total Cost Observations
Sharepoint Share documents 15/06/2016 30/06/2016 Microsoft $2000 Not yet lunched
22/11/2019 22/11/2019

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