Contributions of Partners’ to ECPF Components

By the end of October, 2016, the ECPF Secretariat received the completed Partner Contribution template from 8 Partners in total.

These Partners were Austria, Denmark, EU, France, GIZ, ICRC, Switzerland, and USAID.



Austria support is giving to the following components:

Early warning, humanitarian Assistance, Cross border initiatives and democracy and political governance for a total amount of € 27,865,838 (2013-2018)



Denmark support is benefitting the following components:

Early warning, preventive diplomacy, democracy and political Governance, Security Governance and women Peace and Security.

Total amount $6,200,000 (2014-2017);


European Union

The following components are benefitting from European Union:

Early warning, Democracy and political governance, Human Rights and Rule of Law, Security Governance, Practical Disarmament, ECOWAS Standby Force, Humanitarian Assistance and Women, peace & Security

The total amount is: 10th EDF, € 27,000,000 had been approved out of which 9.48 millions had been transferred for (2016 to 2019)



France (MFA – Directorate for Cooperation on Security and Defence)

France is supporting components such as the ECOWAS Standby Force, Security Governance and Human Rights & Rule of Law.

For a total amount of € 18,675000 (2004-2016)



The GIZ support is on the ECOWAS Standby Force, Early Warning, Democracy and Political Governance, Preventive Diplomacy and Security Governance.

The total amount is €1,946,004 (2016-2017)



The ICRC support is focused on Humanitarian assistance, Practical Disarmament and ECOWAS Standby Force

On technical support (2016-2017)



Switzerland is supporting the ECOWAS Standby Force, Practical Disarmament, Cross Border Initiatives and Humanitarian Assistance

For ECOWAS Standby Force $ 2,134,000 (2008-2016)



USAID support goes to Early Warning and Preventive Diplomacy

For an amount of $ 62 000,000 (September 2015 to March 2020)


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